So what do people say about us?

“I was absolutely desperate. I had nowhere else to go. I had already been living on the streets and staying with friends. A homeless officer referred me to Save the Family. Without this I’d still be on the streets”

– Ex-resident

“Social services came after the police had been called by a neighbour. They saw the fist marks on the wall where he’d hit it and they told me that if I didn’t come with them that day, they would take my children away. I had no choice, I had to pack a bag and go there and then”

– Mother

“After years of putting up with the abuse, I decided enough was enough and that I had to get out. I wanted to keep my baby and I had to change things. Coming to Save the Family was my only option”

– Mother

‘Why is Save The Family important?

Everyone who works here has one thing in common. They all have one focus. They know it in their hearts. They work, they plan, they commit to one thing: “Improving the lives of others”. Not only do they work to improve lives, they change lives.

Save The Family has seen lots of changes. They have tackled the battles of changing governments, social circumstances and inspired the current changes. They have changed their structure of support to a new and improved mentoring approach under a strong, positive management team.
The strengths of all staff, volunteers and residents alike are working together to achieve one thing: “Better futures for everyone”. They are constantly working hard to fundraise, organise events and raise awareness, gain knowledge of changes in society and overcome them.

The residents are working through their own individual situations. They are offered recommendations and support to help to provide a secure, loving home and nurture their families to the full potential.

Save The Family have worked very hard to promote volunteering. They now have a strong crewe of volunteers willing to give their time to achieve one thing: “Improving the lives of everyone at Save The Family”.

Staff, regardless of position, have one thing in common: “Improving the lives of everyone at The Save Family”.

Put all of these things together and you achieve what makes the success of Save The Family today. Working as a team improves the lives of everyone at Save The Family. We are all hoping for another 40 years of changing & improving lives.

A MASSIVE “THANK YOU” to everyone who has been involved in the past, present, and in the future’

– Ex-resident

“My coordinator here couldn’t do any more for me”

“I can go to her at any time. That’s what’s brilliant about being here. There’s no wrong time to ask for help”

“No matter what you need, they have an answer for you”

“I can cope much better with things now; things seem more straightforward than before.”

“Without this place and the help I’ve got, I dread to think where I would be now.  Probably 10 feet under.”

“I’ve felt more safe here than anywhere in my entire life.  I can relax here and get on with being a Mum.”

“It’s given the kids a fresh start.”

“In the past 10 years, our tiny rural community of 20 houses have celebrated Bonfire Night.
Each year, food and drink is donated, no charge is made, and a collection is raised for Save the Family. It’s something we all look forward too; everybody comes and we have a happy ‘Get Together’.
Unfortunately, this year, the lady who organised the whole event was unwell; the neighbours were told that it could not go ahead as usual. What did they do? They got together and ran the show between them.
It gives us pleasure to send our annual donation to Save the Family

– Local Community Representative

“Save the Family provides the opportunity for whole families to ‘go into care’. Using a family centric stepwise approach to care, they effectively foster the whole family until they are ready by mutual agreement to move off site and into their own housing. Whilst on site, children and families are encouraged to engage with the very basics of cooking, washing, working, learning and playing. In this way, not only are the children supported, but crucially, intergenerational transmission of problems is prevented.

Save the Family provides a model for taking whole families into care, rather than just the children. This could be used for circumstances where the children were not at direct risk of abuse. If successful, this would leave the traditional form of care for those who are seriously at risk of harm. We would wish to see schemes such as these expanded across the country in every Local Authority.”

Robson, R. 2008, ‘Breakthrough Britain: Couldn’t Care Less’ page 56, The Centre for Social Justice, London

“Save the Family, in Cheshire, has transformed the lives of thousands of vulnerable families over the last 30 years. By taking the whole family into its residential accommodation the charity’s model of ‘family fostering’ keeps the family together, prevents children from being taken into care, helps families face their difficulties and prepares them for life back in the community.”

McIntyre, A. 2014, ‘Breakthrough Britain: Fully Committed? How a Government could Reverse Family Breakdown’ page 102, The Centre for Social Justice, London

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