Save the Family provides accommodation and support to vulnerable homeless families. In a custom-built rural community on the edge of Chester, we keep homeless families together while they tackle the ‘underlying’ causes of their homelessness.

Families don’t just become homeless.  More often than not it’s a build-up of problems, leading to a final ‘crisis’ moment. We investigate this build up and help untie what can often be a knot of problems. As well as tackling the reasons, we tackle the impact of these problems on young kids and teenagers and try to remedy the situation by putting in the support  they so desperately need.

We would like to raise £5,000 to create a Breakout area here at Save the Family where teenagers can relax and be teenagers. Whether that be a quiet space to do their homework or a space to chill out with other kids their age.  They need somewhere they can play games, do crafts or listen to music. Somewhere to break away from the chaos of their family’s situation.  A place they feel comfortable enough to open up to our specialist mentors, so we can get a sense of what’s going on for them.

There are many ways to make a difference to a homeless family today. Not every donation is monetary. We have a loyal band of volunteers and are always looking for like-minded individuals to join us. If you can spare just 2 hours per week, you can help a homeless family get back on their feet. Click here to send us an email and let’s get started!

No matter if it’s a cake bake at work or a charity skydive, our fundraising team can help make it happen. Get in touch and we can help plan it. We can provide charity posters and flyers to help you promote your event! Email us with your idea and we will get back to you! Click here for tips and ideas to start your Save the Family fundraising journey!

Two volunteers making a wigwam
Photo of a charity tandem skydive
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